Local Leads Platform Offer – Millions Of Leads At Your Fingertips!

🔥 Every Business Needs Leads 🔥

This GOLDMINE Software helps you

pull a massive amount of leads for any niche!

Millions Of Leads At Your Fingertips With 1 Click 

Every State, Every City In The United States

What Is Information Included?

  • Business Type

    ( School, Realtor , Church, Salon etc)

  • Business Name

  • Owners Personal Email

  • Business Full Address

  • City, State & Zip

  • Phone Number

  • Website

Amazing Features Included:

  • Built-In phone system

  • Segmentation

  • Fast Search

  • Updated Leads

  • Full Training Videos

How Do You Monetize This?

However You Wish, But Some Examples:

  • Cold Call Them

  • Write them an Email

  • Text/Mass Text them

  • Become a “Leads Guy” and sell leads to others.

  • Upload it to FB Audience and run targeted ads.

  • Sell them SEO, Web Design Services

  • Direct Marketing

  • Sell Direct Marketing Leads

  • Become The “Business Opp” guy

All Accounts Come With…
UNLIMITED Searches/Downloads & Commercial Agency License.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is data coming from?
Data is coming from local clerk offices around USA via a Paid API that we have already paid for.

2. How is leads collected?
When a new business is registered, the default option is to keep this data public. Our API pulls the data.

3. Is this data legal?
You can get this data for free or small fee if you go to a local clerk website. Companies scrape this all the time.

4. Is there any limitations?
Nope!, but you are responsible for your actions. We are just providing public data in a nice way.